Guide to Auto Race Betting

“Auto Race Betting” – Auto racing is the second-most watched sport on television in the United States, falling behind only to the NFL. The three major “leagues” for auto race betting include NASCAR, Formula One and Indy racing. At least one of these competitions is running at any given time so you can get in on the action all year round.

Betting on auto racing at online is fairly easy because there are only three categories of bets. These are bets on the winner of the race, matchups between individual drivers and proposition bets on a variety of topics.

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Betting on the Winner Of Auto Races

This is the simplest of all auto-racing bets. These bets are wagers on individual drivers to win an upcoming race. When you visit gambling websites online, you will see a list of drivers in an upcoming race and their associated odds of winning the race. Certain drivers are favored more than others so you’ll see a wide range of odds ranging from 2 to 1 all the way to 100 to 1.

The sportsbook will list every driver in a future race in a manner similar to this:

  • Bobby Labonte 60/1
  • Brian Vickers 30/1
  • Carl Edwards 20/1
  • Jeff Gordon 10/1
  • Kyle Busch 7/1

(The list continues down in the same manner for every driver in the race)

In this short list, Kyle Busch is the most likely driver to win the race so if you bet on him, your potential payoff is less than if you bet on a major underdog like Bobby Labonte. For every dollar you bet on Labonte, you will win $60 if he wins. This isn’t a very likely outcome but the possible payouts are massive.

Driver Matchups (Head to Head Bets)

A driver matchup is a bet placed at auto racing betting websites on which a single driver out of any two will perform the best. These drivers don’t actually compete against each other individually; it’s just a bet on which driver will place the highest out of the two.

Sportsbooks use the moneyline format to list head to head bets. A typical head to head bet looks like this:

  • Jeff Gordon +150
  • Kyle Busch -200

In this driver matchup, Jeff Gordon is the underdog so you’ll receive $1.50 for every $1.00 you wager on him. Kyle Busch is the favorite to win the matchup so for him, you’ll have to wager $2.00 for every $1.00 in potential earnings.

Betting web sites use the moneyline format to get an equal amount of action on each side of the bet. If both of these drivers were listed with the same odds, it would be a pretty simple process to bet on the favorite every time. With the money line format, betting websites get more people willing to bet on each side of the bet.

Propositions on Auto Races

Auto racing prop bets are limited only to the imagination of whoever’s job it is to come up with prop bets. Some examples of past proposition bets at auto racing online betting sites include:

  • The winning car will be number 1-26
  • The winning car will be an even number
  • The winning car is a Chevy
  • Predict the driver with the fastest lap

Each prop bet will also have odds associated with in similar fashion to picking the winner of the race. The more difficult or long-shot the proposition bet is, the higher the payouts are for winning bets.

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