Baccarat Casino Sites

Although many baccarat betting sites are available online today, some clearly stand out among others especially when we consider our betting site rating system used on this website. Below are some of the qualities that make for a great baccarat betting site to play at for real money.

Stakes Available

Sites that offer baccarat betting at both high-stakes and low-stakes tables are those that cater to a variety of players. Historically, baccarat has been considered a “rich man’s” game with high wagering limits. Casinos lent the game this air of distinction with dealers dressed in tuxedos and the playing area secluded by a velvet rope. Upon the arrival of online casinos, however, players of all varieties now enjoy baccarat. Thus, look for baccarat sites that proffer a wide range of stakes.

Best Sites For Betting On Baccarat Games

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Websites With Single Deck Baccarat Variation

Single deck baccarat is another provision that helps baccarat betting sites rise above the crowd. This variation is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The benefit is that the already minimal house edge of baccarat is reduced even further with a single deck.

Tables With Multi-Player Wagering

Baccarat sites that provide multi-player baccarat are also preferable. This variation emulates the social vibe found in traditional casinos. After all, a primary factor of baccarat’s popularity is its ability to draw a crowd. Multi-player online baccarat features special chat options that allow players to talk about the game, their strategy, or even the weather.

Applicable Bonus Points

Some baccarat betting sites also offer bonus programs whereby the points can be applied to baccarat. Although uncommon, this makes a favorable situation for players. Bonus points combined with a low house edge means the advantages are definitely owned by the player.

Free-Money Tables

The ability to play for free is another benefit available at those among the best baccarat sites. With such an option, players do not have to wager their own money. This means they can practice before playing for real money, or simply enjoy a more casual playing environment.

Live Dealer Tables

Some baccarat sites also host live playing tables. This experience is more wholly realistic, with live dealers and real-time action. Such baccarat sites as those with live tables create an authentic environment for players.


As one of the oldest games in casino history, baccarat can readily be found at online betting sites. Since the 1990s, baccarat sites have brought the pleasure of this game to the comfort of players in their homes. However, particular features should be sought before deciding upon a baccarat site. This will help create the most enjoyable experience possible.

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