Baseball Betting Sites are Examined

Baseball has slowly become an international sport and today people from all around the world enjoy betting on baseball games. Baseball also happens to be one of the easiest sports to handicap. If you stay up to date on the game and do your research, it’s possible to make a profit wagering on baseball games.

Now of course that doesn’t mean you can just hop online and make good money without doing any work. Learning how to bet on baseball is easy, but learning how to make a profit is an entirely different matter. In life, everything worthwhile requires effort and baseball handicapping is no exception.

Choosing the Best Baseball Sportsbook For You

There are many online sportsbooks to choose from but you don’t want to just pick the first one you stumble across. It’s important to do your research because the quality range from superb to highly questionable. In most cases, the largest sites are also the best ones. Those sites that have been around the longest and have always operated with integrity are the ones that have experienced the most growth over the years.

We’ve wagered at a lot of gambling websites and know which ones are worth wagering at and which ones should be avoided. Once you find one to signup at, the next step is to create a user account at that website. You’ll see all sorts of “join now” buttons one the front page. Just click on one of those and follow the instructions to create your account. It should only take a couple minutes from start to finish.

After you get your account opened, you’ll will next need to make your first deposit. The best betting websites have many different deposit methods but the most popular method is via credit card. Once you get money into your account, the final step is to place your wager. Read on to learn more about the different types of baseball bets offered.

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Placing Wagers on Baseball Games

Baseball betting has its own lingo and sometimes that lingo can discourage prospective baseball bettors. Fortunately, the gambling terms used in baseball are fairly simple concepts. If you learn the three basic types of baseball bets, you’ll know just about everything you need to get started.

The three basic types of baseball bets include:

  • Money Lines
  • Run Lines
  • Totals

Money Lines

Moneylines work just like moneylines in any other type of sport. When one team is favored over another, the bookmakers uses the money line to encourage equal betting action on both sides. The simplest way to explain money lines is by example. Here’s what a typical money line looks like:

  • New York Yankees (-215)
  • Los Angeles Angels (+175)

In this game, the New York Yankees are the favorites so they have a negative sign next to them. That number next to their name means that you will need to risk $2.15 for every $1.00 in potential winnings. The Angels, on the other hand, are the underdogs. If you bet on them, you’ll be risking $1.00 to win $1.75.

Run Lines

Run lines are the same thing as point spreads. When a baseball game has a run line, it means that the favored team has to win by at least X number of points for it to be considered a win. A typical run line would look something like this:

  • New York Yankees -1.5
  • Los Angeles Angels +1.5

What this means is that the Yankees must win by at least 2 runs for it to count as a win. You could look at the negative sign as subtracting that many runs from the Yankees’ final score. The Angels have a positive sign next to their names so they get 1.5 runs added to their final score.

So let’s say you bet on the Yankees in this match up. If the Yankees go on to win by one run, you’ll lose the bet because they didn’t “cover the spread.” With the Angels, you could bet on them and if they only lose the game by 1 point, you will win the bet. The purpose of the half-points is to prevent ties.

Totals or the Over/Under

Totals comes in handy if you want to wager on an upcoming game but don’t want to pick one team over another. Another name for totals is the “over and under.” With a totals, they will come up with a combined score for both teams and you bet on whether the actual score is higher than or lower than that posted total.

Let’s say the total for an upcoming game between the Yankees and Angels is 8.5 runs. You can then place a wager on the “over” if you think the combined score will be 9 runs or higher. If you think the combined score will be 8 runs or fewer, you would place a bet on the “under.”

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