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Doc Sports betting picks is one of the oldest sports betting and handicapping services in the industry. They originally started as a betting handicap service in 1971 and took advantage of the growth of online sports betting by becoming one of the only remaining top tier betting pick sites still in existence.

At Doc Sports, you will be able to receive weekly betting picks from experts on all of the major professional and college US sports and use them to make sports bets directly through the Doc Sports program.

Doc Sports Picks Handicappers Coverage

Doc Sports caters to the market of US online sports betting sites and does not cover any specific European or international sporting events. Doc Sports employs at least one expert handicapper for every sport they offer. Sports betting picks include:

  • NFL
  • College Football
  • MLB Boxing
  • WNBA
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • NHL
  • Horse Racing – Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont and Breeder’s Cup

Their true specialty is NFL and NCAA college football. They provide live lines and odds for every week of football action and follow it up with in-depth handicapping betting pick reports.

How The Doc Sports Betting System Works

Doc Sports betting picks are based on a set betting system that is available to all registered members. Betting picks are posted by sports handicapping experts, which can then be viewed and wagered on by registered members. Each posted handicap operates on a 1 to 8 unit rating scheme.

The rating scheme rates betting picks based on the value of the pick with the best value picks retaining a high rank of 4, 5 or higher. The rating is a general indication of how much you should wager on the bet pick. For example, a sports bet pick with a unit rating of 3 is a recommendation that you wager $300.

However, the scale can be adjusted based on your bankroll, so instead of wagering $100 per each unit rating, you can bet $10 for each unit rating. This means that the whole system is relative, and it is perfectly valid to make a $30 wager on a sports bet pick with a unit rating of 3.

Handicapping Results and Success Rate

Over the past couple of decades, Doc Sports betting picks have garnered plenty of success particularly in their field of expertise, NFL and college football matchups. However, their handicap system is first and foremost a recommendation of the sites with the best sport betting lines and odds. Doc Sports betting picks do not guarantee results in the short or long term and do not force you to make any set amount of bets. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how much to invest on the expert sports betting picks advised at Doc Sports.

The Doc Sports betting picks sites gives you complete access to plenty of handicapping resources as a registered member. There are plenty of sports betting tips, sports power rankings and additional advice to sift through before making a decision on how much to wager on a Doc Sports betting pick.

Additionally, archives of sport betting picks from the previous years can be used to reference and compare odds at the best sports betting sites.

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