75 Ball Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo gets its name from the 75 possible numbers that can be called in a game, although the five-by-five Bingo cards that it is played on only have 24 numbers. The word “BINGO” is spelled across the top of each card, and numbers are assigned vertically under each number.

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Numbers 1 through 15 will be under “B,” 16 to 30 under “I,” 31 to 45 will be under the “N,” 46 to 60 under “G,” and 61 to 75 will be under the “O.” A blank free space can be found on the center of card under “N.”

The caller calls out numbers in combinations such as “B 15” or “O 74.”

How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

Players mark the called numbers that are on their cards in 75 ball online bingo games. The object of betting on 75 ball bingo online is to be the first player to form a per-arranged pattern on the card. The most common patterns are straight rows of five numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Other patterns include “four corners” in which the numbers on each of the four corners on the card are marked, and the ever-popular “coverall” which involves covering the entire card. The coverall is one of the most popular variations.

75 ball bingo tends to be much longer than most Bingo games, so the cash prizes are much bigger. Players who win declare themselves the winner by shouting “BINGO!” and the next game at the bingo site begins.

Wagering at 75 Ball Bingo Sites

Betting on 75 Ball Bingo games at online websites is very easy. The bet is simply the price of a card, so all one has to do is buy a card and participate in a game to have a stake in it. Want a larger stake in the game? Buy more bingo cards. Many players purchase several cards at once to increase their chances of winning, especially at betting sites with real money online bingo games, where the computer daubs the numbers for you.

A Favorite Real Money Game for Anyone

Playing online Bingo for real money whether a beginner or veteran alike has never been easier thanks to the increase of betting sites with online Bingo games for real money available all over the web.

Some websites with online Bingo betting are listed in the table at the top of this page. There’s even online bingo sites geared strictly toward women. Many of these bingo sites are free to try with no initial deposit.

For more information see our complete bingo guide which lists the best sites for playing bingo games in more detail

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