Baltimore Mayor Speaks in Support of Poker

Speaking in favor of table games including poker, Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that playing poker was not distinct from playing slots. During a meeting held with other lawmakers of the state, she said that she supported the introduction of poker in Maryland.

The establishment of a gaming parlor has been proposed and the mayor feels that the introduction of poker in a gaming parlor enhances the attraction of the place.

During the previous month, a state commission advised Maryland lawmakers to consider approving table games on the grounds that neighboring states have already done so. The commission pointed out that online gaming enthusiasts will simply go to neighboring states to satisfy their gaming requirements if Maryland refuses to offer table games to them.

The mayor said that, since both poker and slot machines increase the revenue of the state, she did not see a lot of difference between them. She mentioned her desire to listen to different points of view about the issue or regulating poker in Maryland.

She also said that she was not excessively worried that the introduction of poker might lead to the introduction of assistance for gambling addicts. Speaking about increased revenue being one of the benefits of legalizing poker, the mayor said she was not worried about the moral aspects of it.

Michael E Busch, the house speaker, claimed that the approved slot progam must be first implemented before legalizing poker. The licensing process ought to be first completed before expansion, he pointed out.

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