Canadians Demand Government Regulated Online Gaming

The Toronto Sun recently published an interesting article about online gambling. The article quoted the results of a survey on online gaming, conducted by Ipsos Reid. Some interesting statistics was also quoted, which revealed the average Canadian’s take on online gambling.

Ipsos Reid collected the opinions of 1,032 people, both from Canada and America, in a bid to make a comparative study of online gaming in the two countries. Most of the respondents were in favor of online gambling as long as it was regulated by the federal government.

Paul Lauzon, who belongs to Ipsos Reid, said that Americans are more concerned about gaming regulations than Canadians. The survey showed that regulation or the lack of it has not altered the Canadian interest in gambling. Americans, on the contrary, are more comfortable with games of chance as long as the government has established a clear set of gaming rules and regulations.

Fifty-five percent of the respondents said that they are in favor of online gambling within their territories as long as it was legalized and regulated by the government. A comparative study of US and Canadian gaming in 2007 showed that 28 percent of Canadian respondents and 41 percent of American respondents were aware the Internet gambling was not legal. This number dropped to 37 percent in America and 23 percent in Canada in 2010.

One-third of the Canadian respondents are against online gambling within their territory; and 67 percent of them feel that the federal government must legalize and regularize it.

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