European Online Gaming Industry Now in Trouble

These are not good days for Internet gaming in Europe. Paolo Mengozzi, the advocate general whose opinions are held in great esteem at the EU Court, has concluded that the members of the European Union need not permit offshore gambling companies to operate in their home territories just because the said companies had received a license in another member state of EU. Mengozzi’s conclusions are based on seven cases that have placed emphasis on the compatibility of EU legislation with gambling issues in Germany.

Unfortunately, this can adversely affect the online gaming companies of Gibraltar and Malta because Mengozzi has said that the licenses granted by these countries have disturbed mutual trust between the members of the European Union as far as Internet gaming laws are concerned.

The European Union is, in fact, vague with regard to Internet gaming. It needs to formulate clear online gaming laws for the benefit of its member states. Europeans should be enabled to play at any online casino, which has received a license in any European Union state without individual states being allowed to restrict access to offshore gaming companies to safeguard their monopoly. This will allow the gaming industry in the European Union to remain competitive and offer gamblers the best gaming experience. This, unfortunately, will not be possible till the EU formulates clear online gaming laws.

Paolo Mengozzi’s opinion is not the law; but, the European Commission always agrees with him. The online gaming industry can expect a judgment soon because the judges have already begun their deliberations.

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