Massachusetts Passes Bill Making Online Gambling a Felony

The House of Massachusetts passed the gambling expansion bill of Speaker Robert DeLeo. The bill won an overwhelming majority of 120 votes, while only 37 opposed it. Two years back, a similar gambling expansion bill by Governor Deval Patrick failed to get majority votes. This bill will enable the establishment of two licensed land-based casinos, which are expected to greatly enhance the revenue of the state. In addition, the bill will permit the installation of slots machine games at certain race tracks. The bill also has a hidden clause that can sentence to 2 years of imprisonment those caught playing at online gaming sites. Besides, it also permits authorities to impose fines of thousands of dollars on people who patronize an online casino. The lawmakers of Massachusetts appear to have followed in the footsteps of several other politicians by overlooking the fact that people have the right to personal freedom. The state appears to be interested in regulating and licensing land-based casinos only to generate revenue for its huge budget and to satisfy the enormous spending capacity of the government. Therefore, land-based gambling is licensed and regulated to generate revenue and online gaming sites are considered to deplete the state’s income. Representative Daniel Bosley, an opponent of the bill, said that he is unconcerned about the moral issues revolving around online gambling; however he is against building a state budget on the basis of gambling revenue alone. He calls it a “lousy economic policy.” The bill has now been passed to the Senate.

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