2010 MLB Homerun Derby Odds

Tonight is the 2010 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. This is always a fun event to watch and typically a fun event to throw a bet or two down on. Eight guys suit up and mash homeruns as far as they can hit them. This years Home Run Derby contestants are Chris Young (Arizona Diamondbacks), Corey Hard (Milwaukee Brewers), David Ortiz (Boston Redsox), Hanley Ramirez (Florida Marlins), Matt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals, Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers), Nich Swisher (New York Yankees), Vernon Wells (Toronto Bluejays). A few big names such as Albert Pujols backed out and opted not to hit in this years Homerun Derby. Now lets take a look at a few of our best bets and get the odds on all the homerun hitters.

First of all the Bodog betting odds. Below are the odds on all of the players to win the HR Derby. These odds come from one of our favorite baseball betting sportsbooks, Bodog.com!

  • Chris Young (+800)
  • Vernon Wells (+750)
  • Hanley Ramirez (+750)
  • Nick Swisher (+600)
  • Corey Hart (+550)
  • David Ortiz (+380)
  • Matt Holliday (+380)
  • Miguel Cabrera (+250)

As you can see, Miguel Cabrera is the favorite coming into the contest. Miguel is tearing up pitching in 2010 and has been hitting bombs. If the past is any indication on who will win, the favorite typically doesn’t take home the crown. We don’t like Miguel here. So who do we like?

Nick Swisher: This guy can mash and is at +600 or 6/1 odds. He is a perfect guy for the homerun derby as he is just a big swinger. Look for him to compete.

Chris Young: At +800 he is worth throwing a few dollars on. The guy can get going and hit some ropes.

Matt Holliday: This is the pick to click. Holliday is heating up for real and has one of the best swings in the game. Put some money down at Bodog.com on Matt Holliday +380 and go home happy.

Enjoy the 2010 MLB Homerun derby and be on the lookout for a 2010 MLB Allstar Game preview tomorrow.

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