Kentucky’s Instant Racing Bill Faces Stiff Opposition

The lawmakers of Kentucky are eager to help the racing industry, which is badly in need of some laws in its favor. The members of the Senate are currently toying with the idea of expanding gambling by introducing a form of gaming called Instant Racing as the best solution for the problems faced by the racing industry of Kentucky.   

The law permitting Instant Racing showed every sign of being passed through a Senate Committee during the previous week. However, things have changed in a relatively short time. The bill is facing some pretty stiff opposition in the Senate this week.  

Certain anti-gambling elements of Kentucky have united to fight against this new form of gambling. They claim that expanding gaming and the introducing of Instant Racing in Kentucky will be very bad for the state. Needless to say, the racing industry does not agree with them.  

Steve Schwartz the gambling analyst said that the government’s help is essential to enable some of the racetracks of Kentucky to meet the stiff competition at the national level. Additional gambling is quintessential for the survival of these racetracks, he claimed.  

Senator Damon Thayer, who had proposed the new law, has now withdrawn and refuses to participate in further discussions. He thinks that the opposition is too strong for the bill to be successfully passed. Simultaneously, Thayer is still in favor of introducing Instant Racing. He has assured the racing industry that he might pursue the matter sometime in the future, but not in the current legislative session.

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