Are Sports Betting Handicapping Sites Worth The Service?

One of the most popular edges at online sports betting sites is going off the advice of an expert sports handicapper or “picks” service.

They have stayed consistently popular based on the fact most sports bettors lose money and get desperate to get some money back.

Not all expert sports handicappers are good, not all are bad.

Actually a majority are really good and at least provide useful and comprehensive sports advice. The field has got so competitive some handicappers will even back there selections with a 100% money back refund – but the downfall of most punters is not betting big enough units to justify the roi lost in paying for the betting picks service.

The only question that concerns me is, if handicappers are so successful why don’t they bet on there own games and why do they need to be handicappers? This answer has yet to really be answered.

Don’t get me wrong, I think handicappers and expert betting picks sites are beneficial when they win, and some of the stats and information they provide you is useful on determining if it is a good bet or not.

I think the biggest benefit from the sports bettors side of view is the fact most handicappers offer at least one free handicapping pick per day.

Try these at your favorite real money online betting sites and judge for yourself.

If you analyze and follow there free picks daily you can take advantage of this and bet big when they have lost a few in a row. I have also known professional sports bettors to intentionaly fade handicappers on games after they win a couple in a row.

Some of the most popular type of handicappers are Jim Feist, Wunderdog, and Doc Sports. There is probably over 300 handicappers online to take advantage on, I hope this is a good head start for you.

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