Books You Can Read About Sports Betting

If you are new to online sports betting I strongly recommend you buy a few books about betting on sports. These books are written by professionals who have learned the hard way how betting on sports works.

They have provided you will all the details that are needed to succeed in betting real money at top sports betting sites.

Not all articles and documents listed in sports betting books are necessarily up to date since there has been a huge boost in the new online sports betting scene but they will lead you in the right direction on making solid sports bets.

My first recommendation is the book by Stanford Wong called Sharp Sports Betting. This book is packed with info on teaching you the right ways to go about sports betting.

Without going into to much detail the Sharp Sports Betting book explains how to place bets, calculating your odds, money management, and what types of bets you should place.

Also This Stanford Wong book also includes a glossary of sports betting terms in the back section of the book which is extremely useful.

My 2nd recommendation goes to King Yao and the book is entitled “Weighing the odds in sports betting”. This book is for you if you want to think analytically about sports betting and want to improve the way you bet on sports at offshore betting sites.

Betting on sports truly should be used from a brain perspective and from a logical point of stance. This book provides all this to you and for as little as 10 bucks you can get this book from Amazon or your local book store.

It never hurts to increase your knowledge of sports bets and wagers even if your a avid sports bettor. Even if You plan on just wagering a few dollars a game wouldn’t you feel more satisfied knowing you went into it with knowledge and not just betting on your favorite teams.

I would rather win money being intelligent then winning money being lucky.

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