Little Known Sports Betting Facts

There is so many statistics and facts about sports wagering in Las Vegas we don’t know where to start. Did you know Nevada is the only state allowed to except sports wagers in the united states?

Don’t worry, it’s not illegal for you to wager on sports online as long as your not the one booking the bets. The sports betting industry in Nevada is highly regulated and taxed.  Here is a list of fun sports betting facts:

1. Less then 1 percent of all sports wagering done in the United States is in Las Vegas. In 2009, over two billion dollars was wagered in Nevada sportsbooks.

2. During the same year over 400 Billion was wagered in the united states.

3. In 2009 Las Vegas sportsbooks cleared a total profit of 136 million dollars.

4. Last Year over 2 million people bet on a sporting event in a sportsbook in las vegas.

5. More sports bets are placed on the superbowl than all other sporting events.

6. On all bets made on the big game, only 2 percent is actually wagered legally in Las Vegas.

7. There was over 5 billion dollars wagered on sports online in 2009

As you can tell, a bunch of money is wagered on sports during any given time. With no other state being allowed to except sports wager this has made websites with online sports betting hugely popular where Americans can get action on a game online.

I expect within the next decade or so online sports bets will be regulated and controlled by the gaming commissions, at least I hope so.

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