Online Sports Betting Vs Live Bookie

Are you considering setting up an online betting account? If so your heading in the right direction for quick, smart, and easy entertainment.

There are many reasons and benefits to setup an online sports betting account.

Here is a list of 3 benefits why you should bet on sports online instead of with your local bookie.

1. Convenience: You can wager from your computer inside the privacy of your own home and find the best wagering options for you.

2. Bonuses: Unlike local bookies, when you join a sportsbook online they usually offer a very competitive sports betting sign up bonus offer. They usually do this to get you in the door and with all the competition online. Online sports betting sites also have less risk and overhead on taking new customers on.

3. Sports Betting Options: Unlike local bookies with a online sportsbook account You can wager on teasers, crazy sports betting parlays, and other numerous betting perks bookies over the phone cannot offer you.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Betting With A Local Bookie?

Lets say you live in Kansas City, a bookie in Kansas City or any other city will almost always have the point spread on the chiefs a little skewed towards the home team than it should be, as they know most bettors will be backing the home team.

Unless you plan on playing against the Chiefs I don’t see how this can benefit you at all!

Another huge disadvantage of playing with a local is based on your betting history. Once you have played there for some time they will start taking advantage on you and your selections.

If you tend to play a lot of overs in games or favorites they will intentionally give you a worse line on the over or spread which in the long run will cost you wins.

Self discipline is needed in all forms of gambling however betting with a local is probably the worst decision you can make if you have little discipline. Do not bet more then you can afford to lose and remember betting online with postup cash could save you from receiving a broken finger or possibly worse haha (jk, but not really).

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