Types Of Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Did you know there is over 500 sportsbook sites on the net? With so many the bookies have had to come up with a way to get your business. In doing so and in order to compete with other sites bookmakers have came up with the term sports betting bonus.

There is all types of bonuses a gambler might receive and a majority of all sportsbooks offer something different. Down below I have outlined the basic bonuses online sportsbooks offer customers today.

One thing to consider while signing up at real money betting sites is the bonus they offer and the terms that go along with it. Some bonuses have crazy restrictions or no cash out rules on bonuses so read carefully.

Signup Bonus

The standard bonus for joining a sportsbook site today is usually around 10%. This can very on a large scale and is all based on the rollover required to receive or cash out the signup bonus.

A rollover is a way to keep people from depositing, receiving the bonus and just cashing out. This actually does happen and usually the client gets the boot from the sportsbook.

Free Bet Bonus

A free bet used to be common with most online sportsbooks. The sportsbook tries to get bettors in the door by offering a small free bet with a minimal sportsbook deposit. There usually is some sort of rollover that comes along with these type of bonuses but often are very low.

Percentage Back Of Losses Or “Cashback”

Some sportsbooks will offer a seasonal rebate on your losses for the season. This type of bonus can be beneficial if you bet long term and plan on sticking with the sportsbook.

There usually is a low rollover required on this type of percentage back bonus but nothing to be concerned about. This is a great perk to have if they are offering it.

Learn more about online betting cashback offers.

Match Play Bonus

This is where a sports betting site will match your bet on your deposit. If you deposit $100 into your betting account and bet $50 on a football game the sportsbook will match it and if you win the bet your payout basically doubles. This type of bonus is usually one of the lesser value types of bonus available. You should try to avoid them as there is better bonuses.

Reduced Vig

Some sportsbook websites will reduce the juice from 10 cents to as low as 5 cents based on the promotion they are currently running. The reason for offering such a bonus is based on the idea you will make up or earn extra money from the vig You have to wager on each game. In the long run this is worth more then any type of bonus available.

Avoid any online sportsbook that is trying to offer reduced juice with a large sign up bonus. This is a big sign of financial trouble in many cases.

Rewards Program

Just like with casino betting, a rewards program bonus at online sportsbook sites is a way to keep sports bettors betting.  Most bonus reward programs are setup under the bronze, silver, gold standard. The more you bet, the more rewards You get in return.

This type of bonus usually comes along with a basic bonus listed above. If your sportsbook offers this take advantage of it. Usually there is no rollover or restrictions on reward program bonuses.

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