Australian Open Reaches Quarter Finals

The quarter finals in the Men’s Singles and the Women’s Singles in the Australian Open tennis championship have been lined up. The event is currently in progress in Melbourne. In the Men’s Singles six of the top eight seeds have made it to the quarter finals, including the top three of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. In the Women’s Singles event only four of the top eight seeds are in the quarter finals. But in this case as well the top three are yet in contention.

It is interesting to see how the odds have changed at online betting sites as the bulk of the players have been eliminated. offers comprehensive markets on the Australian Open tennis championship. The odds for Nadal winning the Men’s singles are down from 15/8 to 7/5. The odds for Federer winning are now at 2/1 from the earlier 7/4. Clearly, his second round scare has not generated much confidence at the betting sites. In the second round Federer was stretched to five sets by an unseeded player.

Now that the last eight have been named some of the other markets at are worth looking at. An interesting bet is Final Forecast. Bettors have to predict which two players will make it to the finals and who will win. The exact score is not material. The favorite option is Nadal to beat Federer with odds of 5/2. The longest odds offered at 66/1 are for Berdych to beat Murray.

Detailed markets have opened up for the quarter finals matches. Bettors can wager on the first set winner, the number of games in the first set and whether there will be a tie break in the first set. Markets for the Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles are also open. is one of the betting sites that offer live betting in tennis and bettors can wager on selected bets while the matches are in progress.

The Australian Open tennis championship is a grand slam event and there are many tennis betting sites that cover it. Each betting site makes its own assessment and offers odds accordingly. Therefore, to get the best deal it makes sense to check out a few tennis betting sites before putting your money on the line.

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