Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket is not a globally popular sport and therefore the Cricket World Cup 2011 will never match the fever of the FIFA World Cup 2010. But in many of the countries where cricket is played, the Cricket World Cup is the biggest event on the sporting calendar. Cricket is played in three different formats. The Cricket World Cup is played in the format known as One Day Internationals. Each match runs for about eight hours.

The Cricket World Cup 2011 is being hosted jointly by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The event begins on February 19 and the final will be held on April 2 at Mumbai. Fourteen teams are participating in the World Cup. The regular and known teams are Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. The other teams that have qualified are Canada, Ireland, Kenya, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. There will be two groups of seven teams in the league stage. The top four teams from each group will play in the knock out stage.

The cricket betting sites have already started opening the markets for the Cricket World Cup 2011. is a popular betting site for this sport. It is offering 17 bets at the moment. The bet for the outright winner will be the most wagered one. The odds for the five most favorite teams are India at 4.00, Sri Lanka at 5.50, Australia at 5.50, South Africa at 6.00 and England at 6.00. There is little that differentiates these teams. These teams are the top ranked teams as well, but the order is marginally different. The ranking order is Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and England. India and Sri Lanka are favorites at the betting sites because they have home ground advantage.

The two way bets for the first few games are also up at These will not draw much interest because the matches are bound to be one sided. The closest match is that between South Africa and the West Indies. South Africa has odds of 1.40 and the West Indies has odds of 2.70. As the tournament progresses, other markets will also open up. The maximum traffic at the betting sites will however be during the knock out stage.

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