Bulls Versus Knicks on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, do people like to rest and relax with the family or do they want to get involved with the ongoing sporting events. With live television and Internet betting sites bringing sports into the living room people can perhaps do both at the same time. Whatever the case may be, National Basketball Association (NBA) has scheduled five exciting games on December 25, 2010. Incidentally no games have been scheduled for Christmas Eve, which is when all the partying takes place.

The first game scheduled is between two historic teams in the circuit, the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks. The game will take place at home for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Madison Square Garden is the most famous indoor sporting arena in the world. One of the most memorable events that it hosted was the first boxing bout between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in 1971.

New York Knicks are owned by Madison Square Garden. It is a historic team, being one of the only two NBA teams still located in its original city. They have won the NBA title only twice and that too a long time back in 1970 and 1973. Chicago Bulls is the better known team. In the 1990s it won six NBA titles in the space of eight years. The legendary basketball player Michael Jordon, who is a household name all over the world, played for the Chicago Bulls.

Whereas these two teams are trying to recoup past glory the current champions are also in the fray. Boston Celtics are playing Orlando Magic. Boston Celtics have won 17 titles, the most recent in 2008. They were runners up in 2010. Los Angeles Lakers are playing Miami Heat. Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 NBA titles, the latest being in 2009 and 2010. However, it is expected that Miami Heat will give them a run for their money.

Complete information on current status and odds are available at the best NBA betting sites. This portal also gives information on the different bets offered, such as spread betting and moneyline betting. For new bettors this is a must read section. BetUS.com is a reputed basketball betting site. It ranks Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers favorites to win the 2010-11 title with odds of 9/4.

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