New Orleans Hornets vs. Los Angeles Clippers 11-22-10

The New Orleans Hornets play the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on Monday (11/22/2010). The Hornets are having a great season leading the Western Conference with an 11 – 1 win loss record. The Clippers are on the other end of the Western Conference standings in last place with a 1 – 13 win loss record. At my online sports betting site, the line is Hornets -5.5 with an over under of 195.0.

These two teams have already played each other one time this season with the Hornets winning by a score of 101 – 82. Led by Chris Paul and David West, the Hornets are a formidable team. The Clippers are hanging on to the development of their young players as their only source of optimism.

Early Season Outlooks

In his first NBA Coaching season, Monty Williams is doing a remarkable job of keeping his team focused and winning. Vinnie Del Negro coaching his second NBA Team is struggling trying to teach his very young team how to win. The Clippers have a very talented young team with Blake Griffin, who scored 44 points in the last game, Eric Gordon, who can score whenever he wants, and the surprise rookie Eric Bledsoe who has taken the helm as point guard and done an amazing job. But the game is not about promise, it is about winning, and that is what the Clippers are having a problem with. And this is not a new problem for the Clippers. It seems like they are in this position every year.

Easy Money? Maybe

Now I have always believed that oddsmakers know what they are talking about and usually know more than I do. That is why I am so confused about this game. You see, the line is favoring the Hornets by only 5.5 points. Consider that the Hornets have only one loss this season and that the Clippers have only one win and that the last time that these two teams played each other, which was just recently, the Hornets won by 19 points.

It seems to me that the only possible premise for thinking that the Clippers could win is akin to thinking that the Washington Generals, having never beaten the Harlem Globetrotters, are due.

Deceptive Lines

When I am betting on a game, I am far more comfortable if I can understand where the Oddsmakers are coming from with the line that they put out. I don’t get this one at all so that does make me a little nervous.

Could it be the remarkable play of some of the Clippers young men, like Griffin and Gordon, and Bledsoe, that is making oddsmakers set the point spread where it is, at Hornets -5.5? I have lost more than a few time betting that the Clippers had a lot of talent and were due to win.

Pick and Summary

I am going to have to go with the Hornets and give the 5.5 points tomorrow. I am also going to make a second wager on this game. My betting site offers additional point spreads and for the Hornets -11.5 they are paying 21/10. So in addition to the straight bet on the Hornets -5.5, I am going to wager on the Hornets -11.5.

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