Nets at Nuggets November 20th

The New Jersey Nets with a record of four wins and eight losses so far this season will be at the Pepsi Center in Denver tonight to play the Denver Nuggets who are playing .500 ball with six wins and six losses.

The Lines

I feel that the difference between these two teams is much bigger than the differences in their records would indicate. Obviously the oddsmakers tend to agree with me on this because the line is Denver -10.5. Taking a look at the sportsbook we can find a number of different ways of betting on this game. The over/under is 201.5. Another interesting type of bet that I like is the bet for the first tea to 20 points. The line on this favors the Nuggets by more than two to one to hit the 20 point mark first. You would have to bet forty seven dollars on the Nuggets to get to twenty first in order to win twenty. Betting twenty that the Nets get to twenty points first, you would have to bet twenty dollars to win thirty seven dollars.


Both teams have pretty good Coaches. George Karl is back for the Nuggets and Avery Johnson strikes me as the right fit for this New Jersey Nets team. The Center match-up of Nene against Lopez is going to be a good one. Team averages for turn overs, and rebounds are similar but the Nuggets are a much higher scoring team. Part of this is due to the fact that the Nuggets Coach, Avery Johnson, likes to slow the game down a bit. In the first twelve games of the year, for the Nuggets, they have scored a combined one thousand two hundred and forty seven points. In the same twelve games they have allowed their opponents to score one thousand two hundred and thirty five points. Now I know that oddsmakers usually know what they are doing but the Nuggets haven’t been blowing too many teams out this year so I am leaning towards betting that they do not cover the spread. At the time of my writing this article, the different sportsbooks that I looked at were all fielding the same line on this game.

The Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets do have a force to be reckoned with in Carmelo Anthony but having watched the last couple of New Jersey Nets’ games, I think that they are starting to, under the Coaching of Avery Johnson, get things together. The Denver Nuggets Coach, George Karl, had his team playing really well at the end of last year. But when Karl had to leave the team during the playoffs for Cancer treatment, the team just did not play the same and so far this year they have not really been able to shift into a higher performance gear.

My Pick

For the game tonight, I am going to head to my favorite online sportsbook and place two wagers. I am going to take the New Jersey Nets +10.5 to win and the second bet is to go with the Unders.

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