2010 Superbowl Champions Odds

This season looks like it will an exciting one in the National Football League. There are so many teams that could contend for the Super Bowl, that is difficult to choose a favorite. A number of clubs could make it to the championship game which makes for a pretty good season. There are, of course, some favorites. The New Orleans Saints look good again this year and are a threat to repeat as champions.

Minnesota will be intriguing because last year they were so close to breaking things open. Mr. Indecisive (Brett Favre) himself, decided to come back so that makes things interesting. Adrian Petterson is also nice runner and keeps the Vikings exciting

You can’t blame Jerry Jones for hoping that his team makes it to the Super Bowl, since he out bid all of the other owners to bring the game to his stadium. However, no one is sure whether or not the Cowboys and Tony Romo have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs.

The New York Jets may surprise some people this year. By all accounts, their defense is awesome, almost as good and dominant as the 1985 rap-loving Chicago Bears. The Redskins might end up coming out of the NFC East. If you consider that they have McNabb, the Eagles have been struggling lately and the Cowboys are unpredictable, you never know.

Green Bay, New England and Indianapolis all have a shot at winning the Super Bowl as well. If you are looking to bet on the Super Bowl or on games played during the regular season, you can do so at BetUS.com. Those wanting to place a wager on the Super Bowl will find the following odds.

The Indianapolis Colts are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. 7-1 odds have been assigned to them. The odds for the Chargers are 8-1, The Patriots 10-1, the Saints 9-1. The season with the least chance of winning the Super Bowl according to BetUS.com, you assigned them 150-1 odds.

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