Betting on the Super Bowl

Last weekend the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Jets to win the American League Championships. Also the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears to win the National League Championships. Now the Packers and the Steelers will clash in the Super Bowl XLV for the top honors in the 2010-11 NFL season.

The Super Bowl will take place on Sunday February 6. The venue is the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington in Texas. The Cowboys Stadium was inaugurated in August 2009 and has a capacity of over 100,000. The Super Bowl XLV will be the third Super Bowl to be held in the state of Texas. The venues for the Super Bowl are decided well in advance and need not be the home ground of any of the participating teams.

Betting on the Super Bowl has begun in earnest at the NFL betting sites. The most popular are the money line bets. In order to easily compare the odds at different betting sites punters should check them in the decimal or American format. Fractional odds are difficult to compare. At the Packers are the favorites with odds of 1.71. The Steelers have been given odds of 2.20. offers exactly the same odds. At another popular NFL betting site,, the odds are slightly different, though Packers remain the favorite. Packers have odds of 1.74 and the Steelers have odds of 2.14. Therefore those who want to back the Packers should bet at and those who want to back the Steelers should bet at any of the other two sites.

The other common bets are Point Spread, Total and Team Total. Also popular at Super Bowl are the Props Bets. These are bets that are not related to the score but to other events. offers odds on whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, which team will win the toss and which team will receive the opening kickoff. Prop bets are also offered on the performance and actions of different players from both teams. The odds are liable to change as the betting progresses and therefore should be rechecked at all betting sites just before wagers are placed.

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