Favre Watch Is Over: Future Hall of Famer Will Return

This year was no different from the last few. Favre hemmed and hawed about whether or not he was coming back. Again, the media make a big deal over everything and anything that seemed like it may offer a clue regarding the 40 year old, future hall-of-famer’s plans. There was tons of talk about his offseason surgery and what that meant for Minnesota. There was also grumbling about Favre being selfish and a detriment to the Vikings. Well, the story about whether or not Brett Favre will return is kaput. It’s over. Favre recently rejoined the Minnesota Vikings and is actively preparing for the upcoming season.

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Three of Favre’s teammates from the Minnesota Vikings were sent to Hattiesburg, Mississippi with one mission, to get Brett to return to the Vikings. Ryan Longwell, a place kicker, Steve Hutchinson a guard, and Jared Allen the defensive end beast for the Vikings, were the three men assigned the task. Consider the mission a huge success. Favre agreed to come back and give the Super Bowl, one last shot.

Longwell, communicated with Rachel Nichols, of ESPN, via text about Favre’s intentions of playing with the team. Longwell explained that he and the guys simply sat down and talked to Favre, hoping to get an idea about his intentions. After a while, it became clear that Favre wanted to play one more year.

Longwell would provide Favre’s unofficial escort to the team’s headquarters, riding in the kicker’s black, BMW SUV. His vehicle was followed closely by a gaggle of media, including three helicopters. Fans waited outside the headquarters clapping and expressing their approval, while photographers snapped pictures. Brett acknowledged them, waving.

The visit to Mississippi by Favre’s teammates was a surprise. Favre had no idea they were coming. The men decided to simply ask Brett point black if he had one more year in him. He answered that he did. Alas, one more year of Brett Watch is over.

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