Jets to Feast on the Bengals for Thanksgiving

What would Thanksgiving Day be like without betting on football? It would probably be less of a shock to not have a turkey than to not have a few bets on the days football games.

This Thanksgiving day I am going to focus on the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets. The Jets have been playing really good defense as of late. That defense, and in particular the secondary, is going to be put to the test today against the high powered Bengals’ offense. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are going to put them to a serious test.

Behind the Numbers

The Bengals are +9.0 and 20/21 while the Jets are -9.0 and 20-23. New York won in their last meeting against the Bengals on January 8th, 2010 24 – 14. The Bengals lost last week to the Buffalo Bills 49-31 and the Jets beat Texsas 30 – 27. The Bengals record against the spread is 3 – 6 – 1 while the Jets have been doing better against the spread with a record of 6 – 4.

The Bengals passing offense has an better record than the Jets do but are far behind in Rushing and Total offense. The Jets have been playing better than the Bengals in all areas of the game with the exception of passing. The Jets have a good running game and the Bengals like to pass the ball.  Below is our sports picks for the game.

Odds and Pick

Oddsmakers have set the over under line at 43.5 so they obviously expect to see some action on Thanksgiving Day between these two teams. We are going to see one team that like to pass the ball and another that like to run it. Although my online sportsbook has all kinds of different wagers available for this game, I think that I have enough to figure out with just the winner and the over under propositions.

I am leaning towards taking the Jets and giving the points. I am also thinking that going under on this game might be a good play. The two teams are going in opposite directions. The Bengals have a season record of 2 – 8 and have lost 5 straight games including and embarrising loss to the Bills. The Jets have an 8 – 2 record and have one 2 of their last 3 games, two of which were in emotional overtime games.

The way I see it the Jets are at an emotional peak. There might have been more of a chance for a let down if it had not been a high profile Thanksgiving Day game at home. The Bengals just do not have enough ammunition to win this battle and they have to be demoralized over their previous loss to the Bills. I do not believe they will be able to respond against a fired up Jets Team that is still playing for something other than pride or individual statistics. And the home crowd seals the deal. I am going with the Jets – 9.0 for 6 betting units and taking the under 43.5 wager for 3 betting units.

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