NFL Heads to Conference Finals

After the Divisional Playoffs last weekend, the scene has been set for the National Football League (NFL) Conference Finals on Sunday January 23. In the Divisional Playoffs the New York Jets upset the New England Patriots, who were tipped as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens and will meet the New York team in the American League Championships. The National League Championships will be played between Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, who ended the dream run of Seattle Seahawks the dark horses of the event. is a popular NFL betting site. The odds for the Packers winning the National Championships are 1/2 at that betting site, whereas the odds for the Bears are 33/20. In the American Championships the Steelers are favorites at 20/41. The odds for the Jets winning are 17/10.

Apart from the outright winner market there are a large number of other bets offered for both games at These include the usual Point Spread and Total Points bets. Bets are also offered on which will be the highest scoring half and the highest scoring quarter. There are a couple of unusual bets as well. One market is that whether the total points scored will be odd or even. In the Bears versus Packers game the odds for an odd total score are 8/11, whereas the odds for an even total score are 11/10. An even more unusual bet is whether the team that scores first will go on to win the game. also offers odds for the eventual Super Bowl winner. With the Patriots and the Falcons losing in the Divisional Playoffs, Green Bay Packers are now the favorites to win the Super Bowl with odds of 17/10. They are followed by Pittsburgh Steelers with odds of 2/1, New York Jets with odds of 4/1 and Chicago Bears with odds of 5/1. The Steelers have won the Super Bowl seven times, the last being two years ago in 2009. The Packers have won thrice, and the Jets and the Bears have won once each. But all this is history and from here on any of the four teams can go on to win the big game.

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