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The Super Bowl is title game played between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) Conference winners. Super Bowl XLV has reached a critical stage with only eight teams left in the fray. Of these four teams will be eliminated this weekend. The Conference championships will be held on January 23 to decide the two Conference winners. These two teams will play in the Super Bowl on February 6.

You do not have to wait till February to bet on the Super Bowl. NFL betting sites are already offering odds on the eight remaining teams. One can argue that it is risky to bet on the Super Bowl winner even though the teams that will eventually play have not yet been decided. The team that one bets on today could get eliminated this weekend. But it is the additional risk that fetches the higher returns. After each round of elimination the odds for the remaining team will shorten. If two evenly matched teams reach the Super Bowl the odds could be less than even money for each time. is one of the popular and reputed USA betting sites. At New England Patriots are favorites at this stage with odds of 7/4. The next six teams in order are Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. The odds range from 5/1 to 14/1. The eighth team, Seattle Seahawks, is the rank underdog with odds of 50/1. The Super Bowl is not the only NFL event that you can bet on at Markets have opened for this weekend’s games and also the Conference finals.

If you are not a member of there is another advantage in signing up. You will be entitled to a $25 free bet. Sign up at and fund your account with a $10 deposit. The place five bets of $10 each on any sport taking care that the odds offered are evens or more. After these bets have been settled your account will be credited with a free $25. Hence if you place five bets on this weekend’s games and the Conference finals, you will have free $25 to wager on the Super Bowl.

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