Week 1 NFL Sunday Odds

Week 1 of the NFL Season has begun which means NFL betting has begun. Last night the Saints took care of the Vikings in the season opener. Now this Sunday marks the first full day of games for the 2010 season. Let’s take a look at the week 1 NFL odds and give a very small preview for each of the games.

Denver @ Jacksonville -3: The big question everyone wants to know in Denver – will Tim Tebow play? Both of these teams struggled in 2009 so it’s anyones game.

Miami @ Buffalo +3: The Dolphins are being talked up a bit this year while the Bills should be as bad as ever. +3 doesn’t seem like enough points to give the Bills.

Detroit @ Chicago -6.5: Detroit has beefed up the defense and the Bears offense should be ready to go. This is a key in conference game to start the season for both teams.

Indianapolis @ Houston +2.5: One of the best games of the weekend. Peyton Manning vs. Matt Schaub. Always an instant classic when these two teams meetup. The public loves the -2.5 for the Colts but beware.

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh +2.5: The Steelers are without their stud QB for a few weeks and are underdogs at Home. People really believe in the 2010 Falcons. Do you?

Oakland @ Tennessee -6.5: Remember the start of 2009 for the Titans? Chris Johnson and Vince Young hope to win a game in the first few months this year.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay -3: A battle of the basement here. Cleveland did end 2009 strong so lets see if they can carry it forward.

Carolina @ N.Y. Giants -7: Carolina destroyed the Giants last year but the Giants are healthy and ready to go this year. Smashmouth game for sure.

Cincinnati @ New England -4.5: Brady is ok from his car accident and has signed a monster deal. He will be ready to prove to TO and Ochocinco who the real team is.

San Francisco @ Seattle +3: The 49ers are pretty high up on everyones rankings. They should take care of the lowly Seahawks if they truly are good.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia +3: Primetime matchup here between the new QB king Aaron Rodgers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Green Bay dominated the preseason and looks to do the same in week 1.

Arizona @ St. Louis +4: Sam Bradford makes his debut for STL while Arizona looks to adjust to life without Warner and Boldin.

Dallas @ Washington +3.5: A true rivalry game in week 1. With McNabb going to the Redskins this game should be very close and interesting.

Good luck with your NFL betting in week 1 of the NFL season. There are a lot of great games and hopefully you find the best odds to match your bets!

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