Understanding Ice Hockey Puck Line

Ice hockey is a sport that is popular in the United States and Canada. The National Hockey League (NHL) conducts the major tournaments in this sport. NHL consists of 6 Canadian clubs and 24 American clubs. NHL games are currently in progress and punters can bet on these games at US betting sites.

Some of the bets offered for ice hockey games are in a different format and may confuse those punters who are new to this arena. One example is the Puck Line bets. Phoenix Coyotes are playing Los Angeles Kings late on January 20. The popular betting site BetUS.com offers the Puck Line odds for this game as follows. For the Phoenix Coyotes the odds are +1.5 3/7 and for Los Angeles Kings the odds are -1.5 19/10. The “1.5” factor is known as the puck line and has been standardized for all Puck Line bets offered by any betting sites.

If the puck lines are ignored then the standard Money Line bets offered for these two teams by BetUS.com are as follows: Phoenix Coyotes 5/4 and Los Angeles Kings 11/16. This makes Los Angeles Kings the favorite and Phoenix Coyotes the underdog. The odds therefore lay 1.5 goals with the favorite, which is represented by the minus sign. This means that bettors backing Los Angeles Kings will win their wager only if their team wins by more than 1.5 goals, which are 2 goals or more. If this happens then they will receive a payout of 19/10.

The underdog Phoenix Coyotes take the puck line of 1.5, which is represented by the plus sign. This means that bettors backing Phoenix Coyotes will win their wager if their team wins or loses by less than 1.5 goals, which is 1 goals or less. If this happens then they will receive a payout of 3/7.

These Puck Line odds tell an interesting tale to the discerning bettor. Los Angeles Kings are more likely to win as evidenced by the shorter Money Line odds of 11/16. But they are not likely to win by a margin of two goals or more as evidenced by the longer Puck Line odds 19/10. The most likely scenario therefore is that of Los Angeles Kings winning by a solitary goal.

Apart from BetUS.com there are other NHL betting sites that offer Puck Line bets.

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