Betting Bonuses

Bonuses are monetary rewards that online betting sites offer to new players for signing up and depositing. Websites offer deposit bonuses for the same reason that online casinos do: to compete against one another for new player signups.

Depositing bonuses come in several forms: percentage matches on your first deposit, free bets and flat rate deposit bonuses. Sports betting site bonuses are usually smaller than casino bonuses because players tend to make smaller, more frequent deposits rather than the occasional large deposits at casino sites that casino players tend to make.

Betting Sites with the Best Bonuses

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Bonus Types and Promotional Codes

The offshore sportsbooks for international bettors below require bonus and promotion codes, but most bonuses are credited automatically. All you have to do is sign up for an account, make a deposit and you’ll get your bonus. To find out which sportsbooks require bonus codes and which ones don’t, check out our list below. In that section, we explain the sign up bonus offered by each sportsbook.

Percentage Of Match Deposit Bonuses

The percentage match deposit is the most common type of betting deposit bonus at online bookmakers. With this type of bonus, you are given a bonus based on a percentage of your first deposit. A typical percentage match bonus gives players a bonus of 10 to 20% extra.

For example, if a betting site is offering a 20% bonus and you deposit $200, the site will add $40 to your deposit. After getting such a bonus, you would have a total of $240 in your account.

These bonuses come with certain wagering requirements that must be met before they can be cashed out. The exact requirements vary from one betting website to the next but a 5x rollover is about average. A 5x rollover means that you must wager a total sum of money equal to five times the deposit + bonus amount before you may cash out your bonus.

Deposit bonuses at sportsbooks are much easier to clear than online casinos. Online casinos usually have rollover requirements of 15x to 30x. Even though sportsbook bonuses are smaller, they do come with certain advantages.

Free Bets And No Deposit Bonus Offers

Free bet bonuses are given away by some betting sites in place of percentage match deposits. When you sign up and make a deposit at a sportsbook offering a free bet, you’ll either be given money to make a bet or you’ll be reimbursed for one bet of a certain size.

Sometimes free bet bonuses are more rewarding than match bonuses because the size of the bet is fixed. If you plan on making a small deposit, you might want to sign up at a sportsbooks with a free bet bonus. Think about how much you want to deposit and then compare the size of the free bet bonus to the amount you would get with a percentage match bonus.

Flat Rate Bonus

The flat rate bonus isn’t as common but you will still occasionally run across one of these. The flat rate bonus is a fixed cash bonus that is awarded if your first deposit is equal to or greater than some predetermined amount. These bonuses are limited in nature but they offer a higher match rate than the above bonuses when your deposit is close in size to the minimum required amount.

For example, let’s say there’s a sportsbook offering a $50 deposit bonus on all deposits of $100 or greater. If you deposit $100, that would be equal to getting a 50% match bonus at any other sportsbook. You would have to deposit about $500 to get a bonus this big.

Best Bonuses on the Internet

Finding the best bonus is pretty easy if you know how much you plan to deposit when you sign up. Once you have a number in mind, you can then visit our sportsbook reviews and read about the bonuses they offer. You can then compare them and go with the one that benefits you the most.

But don’t’ forget – there’s no reason to get just one online betting bonus. You can play at more than one gambling website at a time. In fact, we recommend you play at a few different sites so you can shop around for the best lines. By having a few accounts, you’ll also never be far from a reload bonus of some sort.

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