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In general, boxing is a simple sport to bet on. There are usually only two types of bets for upcoming matches. The most common is the money line and then the other bet type is the over/under on the number of rounds the match will last.

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Money Lines in Boxing

Money Lines – this wager is similar to money line bets in any sport. Each boxer in an upcoming match is listed with an accompanying set of odds that dictate how much you will be paid if your boxer wins.

For example:

  • Boxer A +170
  • Boxer B -200
  • Draw +1200

In this match, Boxer A is the underdog so he gets a positive next to his odds. This means that for every $1.00 you bet, you will win $1.70 if he wins. These favorable odds are used in order to attract more bettors to Boxer A. If the odds were even, everyone would always bet for the favorite.

Boxer B is the favorite to win so he gets a negative sign next to his name. The -200 means that you will need to wager $2.00 for every $1.00 in potential winnings. If you bet on the favorite, you are more likely to win but you have to risk more money. This makes it so that there is an equal amount of betting action on each boxer.

Draws are relatively rare in boxing so they get much higher odds. In this match, the odds of a draw are listed at +1200. This means that for every $1.00 you bet on the draw, you’ll win $12.00 if the match does indeed end in a draw.

Over and Under Wagering

The over and under is a wager on how many rounds the match will last or how many points will be scored. The sportsbook will list a certain number and you can then wager on whether you think the final outcome will be greater than or less than that number.

An over/under wager on the number of rounds a fight will last would look something like this:

  • Total Rounds Over 6 -200
  • Total Rounds Under 6 +200

With this particular match, you can wager on the match lasting more than 6 rounds or less than 6 rounds. The sportsbook thinks that this fight will last longer than 6 rounds so they have given odds of -200 on the over. If you want to bet on the over, you will need to wager $2.00 for every $1.00 in potential winnings.

The sportsbook has given the under odds of +200 because that outcome is less likely. In this example, you would be able to win $2.00 for every $1.00 you wager. This outcome can be considered the underdog so the potential winnings for it are greater.

Betting the Knockout

Occasionally, you will also get the opportunity to bet on the knockout. If you think one fighter strongly dominates another, you can bet that the stronger fighter will win by a knockout or stoppage.

A knockout bet look like this:

  • Boxer A by KO or Stoppage -150
  • Boxer B by KO or Stoppage +150

Boxer A is the favorite in this bet so for every $1.50 you bet on him, you will win $1.00 if he wins by knockout or stoppage. Boxer B is the underdog so you’ll win $1.50 for every $1.00 you bet on him. If the fight reaches a decision, all knockout bets lose.

Gaining an Edge

There is one thing about boxing that makes it both easy and difficult to gain an edge. This is the fact that boxing matches are easier to handicap than other sports because there is only one person competing against another.

When you analyze upcoming boxing matches, you don’t have to worry about analyzing the entire team, looking for multiple injuries and watching how all the different players interact. Boxing is a sport that involves just one person competing against another. This makes it easier for you to judge who is more likely to win. There’s less information for you to have to process.

At the same time, this makes it difficult to gain an advantage because sportsbooks also have an easier time setting the odds. The bookmakers know how to handicap boxing so when they set those odds, the odds are usually pretty close to optimal. If a boxer is heavily favored, you’ll have to wager more money than what you can win. With underdogs, you’ll get better odds but you’ll still need a good reason to believe that the underdog has a semi-decent chance of pulling off the upset.

When analyzing fighters, there are several things you can look at to help determine their odds against one another:

  • Previous fights for each boxer
  • How each boxer does against lefties and righties
  • The boxers’ coaches and training teams
  • Personal issues that may affect the boxers’ mindsets
  • Injuries
  • Strengths and weaknesses in each boxer’s style
  • General news reports about each boxer

After you analyze a fight and come to a decision, the next best thing you can do is shop around for different lines. Not all sportsbooks offer the same lines so if you have a certain boxer in mind, whether it’s the favorite or the underdog, you will significantly increase your return if you consistently find the best lines for your fighter.

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