Canada Betting is Discussed

Canada is a relatively betting friendly nation even though it technically has laws in place against online gambling. Those old laws aren’t enforced, though, and wagering is a generally accepted pastime. Whether you want to bet on sports, hit up the casino or play poker, there are a variety of places ready to serve.

Best Sportsbook for Canadians

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Some sites cater specifically to Canadian sports such as the NHL and CFL while others cater to the bettors themselves. In any case, they will offer a wide variety of options. Some Canadian betting sites even combine sports betting, casino gambling and poker all under one roof.

Wagering on Sports Games

Both Canadian and US sports are heavily bet upon in general. Sports leagues such as the NHL, CFL and NFL are among the most popular, while NBA games, college football, and college basketball are also very popular.

Canada also has a group of government-run sportsbooks called Sport Select. Like most things the government touches, Sport Select is a mismanaged, unpopular mess. The odds are set strongly against the bettors and individual matches cannot be wagered on, since those are technically illegal. Instead, the players may only bet on multiple games in parlay fashion. In summary, avoid any of these Sport Select sportsbooks: Pari sportif, Pro-Line and Sports Action.

Rolling the Dice at the Casinos

Most major, international online casinos also accept players from Canada. A few have withdrawn from the Canadian market for various reasons but there are still plenty to choose from. Several even allow players to deposit and wager in Canadian dollars like at 888 but the USD and CAD are basically the same anyway.

There aren’t any government-run online casinos in Canada, thank goodness. After seeing the mess the government made out of the sports section, I would hate to see what the payout rates would look like for an online casino run by the government. Current betting sites for Canadians have payout rates that range from 94 to 98%.

Shuffling the Poker Cards

Poker players can play at almost all the largest poker sites on the internet. For the longest time, Bodog, now called Bovada, did not allow Canada gambling of any sort but that changed in the Fall of 2009. Ever since then, Canadians have pretty much had free reign with online poker and betting sites.

The vast majority of poker websites offer games in US dollar format only. When you make your deposit, it is automatically converted to US dollars at current exchange rates. The big places often don’t even charge a conversion fee.

The Big 3 Under One Roof

Some of the betting sites friendly to Canadians aren’t satisfied specializing in one type of gambling, so they offer sports, casino, and poker betting all under one roof. Some of them do well offering all three and others still seem to specialize in just one or two types of gambling. Most do well with sports and casinos, but don’t have quite as much success with poker. Whichever area grabs your interest, I’m sure there is a place for you.

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