Cashback and Rebates

If you enjoy online casino games, sports betting, and horse racing for real money, finding online betting cashback offers and loyalty program rebates can be a key component in deciding which site to make bets on. We have listed the best sites on the internet for earning rewards and rebates.

Cashback and rebates are useful in that they allow users to recoup certain portions of lost wagers. While the amount received is generally a small fraction of the amount lost, it can add up quickly, especially for active bettors. These offers are also helpful in that they allow users to keep placing bets even after a string of failed bets that would have otherwise exhausted all remaining funds.

Likewise, top betting sites continue to offer them because they help establish a loyal user base and encourage bettors to come back to the site and bet frequently. They can also help attract new bettors who are hesitant about losing too much money on failed wagers.

Online Betting Sites With Cashback Rebates

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Horse Racing Cashback Rebates

Cashback and rebate offers are most common at online racebooks. The size of the rebate offered varies from site to site, but generally ranges from 2% to 8%. This means that if you wager $20 on a horse race with a rebate of 8% and lose your bet, you will receive $1.60 to wager on a future race.

Not all bets will qualify for a cashback or VIP program rebate. For instance, most high-paying wagers are ineligible for rebates, due to their large potential reward. Likewise, it is common for cashbacks to be offered only on certain kinds of wagers, such as win, place, show, trifectas or quinellas.

Online Casino Cashback and Player Loyalty Rewards

Occasionally, similar rewards or cashback and rebate offers can be found at online casinos, but are generally only featured on a promotional basis and can sometimes be hard to find.  Usually these types of promotions are tied to deposit bonus offers of some type, so make sure and read the fine print.

Only a few casino sites feature cashback comps and rebates, but those that do usually have fairly generous offers. At any time, casino loss back rebates might range from 1% to 60%, but the average generally hovers around 20%. A rebate of 20% means that a lost wager of $100 would earn a player $20 cashback for later bets. Offers of this size can help users recoup a significant portion of their losses. This effect becomes more dramatic for frequent bettors and high-rollers.

Tips For Finding Great Cashback Deals

All cashback and rebate sites pay out these bonuses on different timetables. The most common schedule is weekly. This means that a user’s total losses for each week will be totaled, and a specified percentage of that sum will be returned to that user’s bankroll on a designated day. This is done to encourage users to continue making wagers throughout the week, safe in the knowledge that they will receive a portion of their losses at the end of the week.

Cashback and rebates can be attractive perks for online betting enthusiasts. These offers can help recoup losses and ensure a constant source of gambling funds, especially for those who wager high stakes.

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