Where To Play Craps

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of betting sites with craps games available to play. When choosing which site you want to play at there are three main things to consider: Sign up bonuses, odds, and style. Below is a little help in these three areas with a few things to consider in helping you choose between craps sites.

Sign Up Bonuses

Just about every craps site in the world offers some sort of sign up bonus. These are generally in the form of bonus matches, a way to give you money just for signing up. The craps sites will advertise these bonuses heavily, stating something along the lines of “100% bonus up to $300”. What these mean is if you join their site and deposit money into your account, they will match that deposit according to whichever of the betting sites with craps games you choose.

So using the above example, if you deposit $50, the casino will give you an additional $50 to play craps with. This varies to an extreme level across the Internet. Some casino sites may offer a small % or even a flat rate of $50 for example, while some offer as much as a 500% bonus worth up to $5000. That is why learning the sign up bonuses is one of the key components, if not the biggest, to choosing between online craps sites.

Best Sites For Betting On Craps Games

Sign Up Bonus

Up To $1,000


Up To $250

New Bonus

Coming Soon


18+, T&Cs apply, and Gamble Responsibly (BeGambleAware).

Craps Odds

Learning the odds that the craps sites you’re looking as is also a vital piece of information to learn before joining. Some may offer much larger payouts for the pass or don’t pass. Higher odds for doubles than in live casinos is a common occurrence in craps sites, so be careful not to jump right into the first site you see with 10-1 odds for a hard 6.

The odds for hitting certain number may also differ amongst craps betting sites. Depending on which style you are playing, the random number generator may be a bit skewed – and by skewed I mean different, not necessarily bad for the players. Look up the dice odds on the craps sites’ web site and check just so you know if you’ll need to bet differently. This can be very helpful in choosing which craps betting site you want to go with based on your personal playing style.

Style And Variations

Different online betting sites with craps games offer completely different styling of their software. Some craps sites use strictly video craps or craps simulations, and some use live dealers and video cameras. Choosing which you like best is completely up to you, but make sure you learn which type the craps sites you’re considering use.

The look of the table may also influence your decision. Some use fancy high tech looking tables while others can look like an old western version. The rules won’t change, but sometimes being more appealing to the eye means you’ll enjoy your craps experience a little more.

There are more factors that may influence your decision in choosing which craps sites you’d like to join, but these are a few of the common reasons that people use to pick. Some of these may seem pretty basic, but be careful not to overlook these principles in choosing your craps sites.

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