Darts Betting

The game of darts is no longer a game played only by old timers at the back of seedy pubs. Today, darts is considered a major sport and it has become extremely competitive in recent years. It’s no surprise then, that almost all the major online sportsbooks have picked up on the sport and now offer a variety of darts betting options.

The sport of darts is heavily dominated by a few big names. Phil Taylor is currently the biggest name in darts and the odds for him are usually extremely low because he is by far the most likely person to win any major event. Sportsbooks often have Phil Taylor listed with 1/2 odds while the next closest contender is listed at 15/2. The biggest underdog is sitting at 1000/1.

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Darts Betting Information

People unfamiliar with darts betting online would be surprised to find out how exciting and down-to-the-wire darts betting can be. With play by play updates and the winners and losers separated by a single errant dart, darts betting can be very intense. Don’t be surprised by major ups and downs in emotion as you watch your wagers come literally inches away from winning and losing.

Outright Bets

Outright bets are wagers on individual darts throwers to win major championships such as the PDC World Championship. The odds are typically listed in fractional format, which is a method sportsbooks use to explain how much you can win with various bet sizes. For example, Phil Taylor’s odds of 1/2 mean that for every $1.00 you bet, you will win $0.50 if he wins. A bet on the person sitting at 1000/1 means that for every $1.00 you bet, you will win $1,000.

Online betting sites have to use such wild numbers when offering darts wagers because the skill difference in players is huge. If darts betting websites didn’t offer small odds for favorites like Phil Taylor and huge odds for underdogs, everybody would bet on the favorites. Strong darts players consistently perform well and win tournaments.

By laying massive odds on the underdogs, darts betting sites are able to get an equal amount of action on all sides of the bet so that no matter who wins, the sportsbook doesn’t have to cover bets with its own funds. Instead, the sportsbook can use the losers to pay off the winners.

Other than the PDC World Championship, many sports bettors also wager on the World Matchplay, the Las Vegas Desert Classic, the UK Open and the Premier League. There are even more events to bet on and each online betting website offers a slightly different mix of betting options.

Other Types of Wagers

Large darts betting websites like Bet365 also offer a variety of other darts betting options. Some of the most popular include set betting, highest checkout, most 180s and more. You’ll have to check back with your sports gambling website for the latest information but those are a few of the more common types of darts bets.

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