Betting Sites that Use 900Pay

900Pay is a transaction system that can be used to fund accounts at bookmakers . It is a fully automated, secure online telephonic system. Also known as Basic 900Pay, this payment option was developed in 1999 by Navaho Networks, Inc., a Canadian company.

If you make a deposit into your account using 900Pay, the transaction will show up on your telephone bill as a Navaho Network purchase. It is a payment option that is available to US customers with a US banking account only. 900Pay is a completely secure, simple and cheap option for US customers looking for a way to deposit funds into their betting account.

Here’s How to Get Started

Before you can use 900Pay as a payment option, you need to ensure that 900 numbers are not blocked on your telephone. You can do this by calling 1-900-993-4141, a free test number, and seeing if you can get through. If you cannot call this number then it means that 900 numbers are blocked on your phone and you will need to get this block removed by contacting your service provider.

You do not need to register with 900Pay in order to be able to use it as a payment option. To make a deposit into your account, simply visit the cashier’s section and click on 900Pay as your payment method. Dial the 900 number that is provided to you and follow the instructions. Your funds will be available to you immediately after you have completed the transaction and the transaction details will show up on your telephone bill as “NAVAHONTWRKS.” Customers are able to deposit $25 – $50 at a time and up to a maximum of $5,000 per month using 900Pay.

Some wagering sites may require you to use your eWalletXpress account in order to fund your account via 900Pay. To do this you will have to log into your eWalletXpress account, fund it and then transfer those funds into your sportsbook account. eWalletXpress and 900Pay are closely linked under the parent company Navaho Networks.

We List the Benefits for You

As 900Pay is connected to your telephone bill, there is no need to provide the gambling website with any of your financial or personal details, making it a safe and secure option for you. In other words, you do not need to provide any credit card or bank account details.

You can use it by simply making a telephone call on your regular phone and following the instructions you are given. You are always asked to verify your transaction before it is processed and as there are no hidden fees or charges, you will always be aware of exactly how much you are going to be charged.

We List the Fees

There are no hidden fees associated with using this as a payment option. There are also no long-distance charges or interest on your charges.

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