Betting Sites that Accept Diners Club

Diners Club was established in 1950 as the world’s first multi-purpose charge card. Wholly owned by Discover Financial Services, it is still a popular choice and is used around the world. Diners Club cards are accepted in more than 185 countries around the world making it a truly global financial solution. Besides for a solution for making online transactions, it offers its customers excellent services such as generous rewards, lifestyle programs, admittance to airport lounges, travel insurance and more. Many gambling websites that accept credit cards as a payment option, generally accept Diners Club International as a payment option and this can be a convenient option for many customers. Unfortunately, there are also many sites that do not accept credit card payment or that will not accept Diners Club so this will only be an option for you if they accept the card.

Using this Card is Easy

Using your card to make a deposit could not be easier. Before you choose this as an option, you must have an existing Diners Club International account and card. This card is used in the same way as any other credit card to make purchases or payments.

Visit the cashier section of the bookmaker and select Diners Club International as your payment option. Follow the instructions and enter in your details and the amount that you wish to deposit into your account. This amount will be processed within 24 hours, and often immediately.

What are the Benefits?

You are able to call customer service support from countries around the globe.

Using Diners Club to fund your online account is simple and convenient. For customers who are already holders of the credit card, all you need to do is fill in your card information, in much the same way as you would make other purchases with your card on the internet. There is no need for you to open up special accounts as you need to with e-wallets. This method is familiar and intuitive to most people.

Transactions are generally quite fast. Some places will process your transaction immediately or within seconds. Others may take slightly longer, but usually not more than 24 hours.

What Will this Cost Me?

There is a $300 annual fee associated with holding a Diners Club card. This fee is high as the card comes with many perks. It is unlikely that you will choose to use this method as a payment option unless you hold the card anyway.

The fees that you are charged for making transactions are subject to the bank at which you hold the card. It is possible that the bank will charge a high cash-advance fee for making a payment to an online bookmaker.

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