Accepted GiroPay Gambling Websites

GiroPay is an internet payment solution geared towards the German market, however is popular across Europe. It connects the user directly with his home banking bank which means that you do not need to use credit cards, pre-register or wait for bank wires to be processed. Unlike e-wallet banking solutions, you do not need to sign up for a specific account or load the account with funds before you can use it – you are using your regular bank account for all transactions with GiroPay. The simplicity and affordability make it easy to see why this online payment method has become so popular throughout Europe.

How to Get Started Today

You do not need to pre-register, the only requirement is that you have an existing account with a listed bank and that you are an Internet banking user. In order to fund your online betting account using GiroPay, you must visit the cashier section of the betting site and click on the GiroPay logo. Choose your bank from the list provided and enter the amount that you wish to deposit. You will then be transferred to your own bank’s Internet banking website. You continue as you normally would on your Internet banking site by filling in your bank account details and your PIN and the funds will be transferred directly from the account once you enter a TAN number. Once the payment has been cleared, GiroPay will notify the sportsbook and your account will be credited with the correct amount and be ready for use. This process typically does not take a long time.

Why You Should Use this Banking Method

As the funds that you transfer come directly from the bank account that you have set up, making a transfer is quick and easy.

It is a completely secure method of transferring funds over the Internet as you are using your own bank account that is protected with PIN and TAN numbers. On top of this however, GiroPay also employs data encryption technology and advanced anti fraud systems for added security.

GiroPay is simple and familiar to anyone who has Internet banking through their regular bank account.

Transfers can be made 24 hours a day, as long is there are no problems with your bank’s Internet banking site. Similarly, you can check your bank statements and transaction histories at any time making it easier to keep track of how you are spending your money. You cannot spend more money than you have, as is the risk with credit cards, because the money is coming directly off your bank account.

What are the Costs and Fees?

Transactions are free, however as it is done through your Internet banking site, the bank itself may impose fees for using Internet banking. Regardless of your bank fees, GiroPay is one of the cheapest ways available to transfer funds.

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