Dominoes Betting” – Dominoes is a popular game using small tile pieces that is played by many people around the world. Each domino is a rectangular tile that has a line diving it into two different square ends. Dominoes traditionally come in sets of 28 pieces. In recent years betting real money on dominoes games has been offered at select sites with online dominoes games you can bet money on.

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Each tile piece in dominoes is marked with a certain number of spots or is left blank. The object of dominoes is to arrange these tiles according to their number of spots in consecutive turns. Dominoes is traditionally played in a home or club setting, but is also available at some online betting websites.

Most people who enjoy betting on dominoes games online do it for purely recreational purposes. However, there are certain dominoes sites that allow people to play dominoes games for real money. Even though there are only a limited number of dominoes betting sites on the Internet, you will still want to be particular and pick a quality site.

Betting Money On Dominoes Games Online

The objective of dominoes betting is the same whether you are playing in an online or offline setting. Generally, a standard double 6 set is used in all dominoes games. At the beginning of the game, players can choose to draw seven or 9 tiles. The dominoes that are not drawn are then set off to the side. Players will continue to draw from this pile as the game progresses. The player who draws the tile with the largest double number on it makes the first play of the game.

After the initial domino is set, the next player must then join a domino from their hand to a tile on the board with an open end. The only stipulation when playing tiles is that the ends of the two dominoes that are joined must have the exact same number of dots. If a player is unable to place a tile on the board, he must pick up an additional tile from the pile. The player must continue picking up tiles until he can make a play.

The first player that reaches a pre-designated score or places all of his tiles first wins the game and the cash.  Dominoes is considered one of the few types of skill games betting you can win at consistently.

Find Sites With Dominoes Betting

Websites that allow you to bet on playing dominoes against other players for real money are referred to as dominoes betting sites or “online dominoes sites“. Naturally, some betting websites are better than others. You will want to do your research before choosing a betting site to make sure you are choosing a quality web site.

The best dominoes betting sites will have high traffic levels. One of the main reasons that people play dominoes online is so that they can play against many different people. Choose a site that has members of varying skill levels. Before you join a site, go online during the hours you will most likely be playing dominoes. Check the traffic levels of the site during that time. If levels are very low, you might want to consider choosing another site.

The best dominoes betting sites will have excellent customer service. Choose a site that offers 24-hour telephone customer service where you can speak with a live agent. Also look for customer service features including email and instant messaging.