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Gambling online has stirred up a lot of controversy worldwide, though Europe has largely managed to avoid this controversy. In many cultures, gambling itself raises a number of ethical concerns and the availability to everyone through the Internet symbolizes a sort of proliferation, which they believe poses a significant threat to their culture.

For the most part, however, European countries do not follow these ethical principles, and it has been largely welcomed with open arms. In fact, it is against the European Union’s trade regulations to disallow online gambling. With the lack of legal restrictions, most betting sites are available to European citizens.

Finding the Best on the World Wide Web

There are a few factors you should consider in choosing the place you wager as online has popularized, many European countries established commissions to license reputable bookmakers. If a site lacks such a license, you can infer that there might be something unattractive about its operational structure, and you should consider choosing a licensed site.

For the most part, choosing the best websites largely comes down to your gaming preferences. For example, if you plan to play mostly poker, ensure the site you choose has a high traffic poker community with a variety of games and categories to choose from. If you’re new to this, make sure you choose a place that offers a wide variety of high quality wagering options so you can test the waters before risking a large portion of your bankroll. European citizens have access to more online betting sites than countries from any other part of the world.

Top Betting Sites for European Players

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Bonuses and Signup Incentives

Another factor to consider is finding out the promotional offers. Most will offer some incentive for new customers, which usually takes the form of a sign up bonus. With a sign up bonus offer, they usually offer to match a certain percentage of your initial deposit up to a limit. By making wagers, you can clear these bonuses and withdraw your free money. Most sites will offer additional promotions beyond sign up bonuses, such as level-based VIP programs.

Features of European Player Friendly Betting Websites

Generally, they will provide multiple language options. Europe has a large population that speaks a multitude of different languages. The best sites will recognize this, and provide their website, customer service and software in many languages. Furthermore, they will have several currency options. Although the Euro is gaining prominence, there are still several currencies circulating throughout Europe. A good site will have the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate all European currencies.

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