Wagering on Golf

Sportsbooks that follow professional golf circuits such as the PGA, LGPA and European tours allow golf gamblers to make wagers on over 450 of the top golf pros in the world. With the information we provide will only help you be a smarter bettor and hopefully will help you win more wagers you place on money lines and props during the most prestigious golfing events such as The Masters, the U.S. Open and the British Open.

Being Flexible

Golf betting websites provide flexibility when making wagers on tournament event winners. They will provide you with the option of gambling on the entire 72-hole tournament or on 18-hole matchups. Wagers can also be made based on the designated tournament groupings. In most tournaments, golfers go out in 3 player groups during the first couple of days and participate in groups of 2 players during the advanced stages of the tournament.

Golf Betting Sites

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It is important to find the best odds and we highly encourage line shopping.

What are the Differnet Types of Wagers I can Place?

Once you have registered at your favorite golf sportsbook, created an account, and made a deposit, you’ll have access to all the available golf bets, including:

Tournament Winner: This is straightforward where you make a wager on a specific golfer to win the entire tournament. This is usually displayed in the standard American odds format.

Head-to-Head: This allows you to focus on a head-to-head matchup between two designated golfers who are usually paired up based on their skill level. For example, a head to head bet may involve Phil Mickelson at -110 versus Tiger Woods at + 110. A wager on Tiger Woods would require you to bet $110 to win $100, while betting on Phil Mickelson requires a $100 wager to win $110.

Proposition/Props: Props are any variety of bets made on situations that interest the bettors. This can range from whether a certain player will finish in the top 3 to a bet on whether a specific player will make the tournament cut. Most sportsbooks will usually carry a selection of special prop bets pertaining to the most popular and highly ranked players participating in any given tournament.

Certain props pertain to the entire golf season instead of a specific tournament, such as how many majors a high profile golfer will win during the pro golfing season.

Futures – Learn about future golf bets and predictions.

3-Ball – A popular wager that involves picking the score.

Last but not least we are building a guide to wagering on the Majors in it’s own section.

Live Event Coverage

Golf prides themselves on providing the highest quality coverage on the top professional golfing events. They include:

  • The Masters
  • U.S. Open
  • British Open
  • PGA Championship

Comprehensive bookmakers combine their coverage of the top professional golfing events with wagers on the following season-long golf circuits:

  • PGA Tour
  • PGA European Tour
  • LPGA Tour
  • Japan Golf Tour
  • LPGA Japan Tour
  • Australasia PGA Tour

Once you’ve made a wager on a certain professional golfing event, they let you follow the action as it unfolds. The player roster is kept up to date with real time standings, tee times and notifications on who did and did not made the tournament cut.

Sportsbooks give you all the necessary information and professional circuit coverage and stand alone prestigious events such as The Masters, or in season-long golf tours covering over 30 different tournaments.

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