Wagering on Greyhounds

“Greyhound Racing” – greyhound dog races are one of the most popular events to wager on in North America and the UK. Greyhound racing events usually include a selection of separate dog races that take place during the course of several hours, allowing you to enjoy and wager on multiple races in one day.

Greyhound bookmakers bring the racetrack action to your home with coverage on all of the day’s racing events where you can make your bets on greyhounds on the internet.

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Types of Greyhound Racing Wagers You Can Make

Win Bet: A straightforward bet on the race’s winner. The bet only pays off if your designated greyhound wins the race.

Place And Show: Two bets with leeway that a win bet does not provide you. A place bet is a wager on your greyhound dog finishing in second place or better and a show bet is a wager on your greyhound finishing in at least third place.

Win, Place And Show: A three-tiered bet is where you make wagers on a single greyhound to place first, second and third in the race. If your greyhound places first, you receive the maximum amount of earnings compared to finishing in second or third in the race.

Perfecta, Trifecta And Superfecta: These bet types at online racebook sites are similar to the win, place and show wager because they require you to make bets on multiple greyhounds.

However, in a perfecta, trifecta or superfecta bet, your selection must contain the exact finishing order. A perfecta is a bet on the top two finishing greyhounds, a trifecta is the top three finishers and a superfecta is placed on the top four greyhounds.

Parlay: A selection of individual bets at online greyhound betting sites, with each bet dependent on the previous one. This consists of making individual bets on two or more races.

If the bet on the first race is successful, then your second individual bet is activated. Losing a bet during any stage of the parlay sequence will cause you to lose the entire parlay wager. A parlay can only be won if the entire selection is correct.

Daily Betting Specials: Daily special bets at greyhound racebooks vary depending on the gambling site you use. Since greyhound racing events host multiple races in a day, you can make special bets such as a jackpot, pick 3 or pick 6 bet, which allow you to make greyhounds bets and wagers on more than one race simultaneously.

A jackpot bet lets you choose six greyhound winners from six separate races. Pick 3 and pick 6 bets let you choose the winners of 3 or 6 consecutive races.

How to Bet on Greyhound Races

Wagering can be as easy as selecting a win bet on a certain greyhound and watching the result unfold. However, serious greyhound online racing betting involves careful analysis and consideration of various factors.

Most bookmakers will contain an information-rich section dedicated to details about specific racing events and participating greyhounds. Each greyhound is tracked based on its past performances. Bettors will also consider the value of the odds placed on the top greyhounds, which can help indicate whether a certain greyhound has been over or under valued for a specific racing event.

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