Horse Racing Daily Doubles

What is Daily Double Bet on Horse Races? It is a wager in which the winner of two consecutive horse races must be accurately selected. Years ago, daily doubles were offered only once – and occasionally twice – per race card. Hence the name, “daily” double.

Now, many tracks and horse racing betting sites have rolling doubles, which simply means daily double wagers offered in every two consecutive races of the day.

They are an extremely popular wager type, as many bettors prefer trying to pick only the horses that will finish first, as opposed to other types of exotic bets.

How Daily Double Wagers Works

They are pretty simplistic, as there isn’t a lot of exotic play involved in selecting two consecutive winners. The basic approaches for wagering on daily doubles is to either bet your whole allotted stake on one combination or split the money into various wheels.

A wheel is where a bettor selects at least one horse in one half of the daily double and at least two horses in the other part. Doing the math on how much each combination of horses will cost is quite basic. Check the daily double probable payout board to see how many of your combinations will pay enough to comfortably cover your investment.

Payouts Can Be Very Profitable

In the minutes leading up to the horse race, the probable payouts on a daily double bet can be monitored on the probable payouts board at the track. Basically, the daily double horse racing prices will increase in synchronization with the relative win bet wagering status of the individual race winners.

In other words, if the horse that wins the first half of a double is the favorite, the double payouts will be much greater if the horse that wins the second half is the fourth or fifth most favorite in his race.

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