Horse Race Exacta Bets

“Exacta horse racing bet” – An exacta wager is one in which the bettor must select the top two finishers of the race, in order at horse race tracke and horse racing online betting sites. Exactas are one of the most popular types of wagering at any horse track, so the pools will generally get quite large. Due to their popularity, nearly all horse tracks and most horse racing betting sites offer exacta betting on every race.

At some horse race tracks, an exacta bet is referred to as a “perfecta”. At pretty much all race tracks, the probable payout for every exacta combination will be displayed throughout the minutes leading up to post time.

How Exacta Betting On Horse Racing Works

Exacta horse racing betting is pretty straightforward. Outside of the standard exacta wager of picking the first two finishers in order, wheels and boxes are available. An exacta wheel involves designating a specific horse to place first or second and several others to fill the remaining spot.

An exacta box bet is the process of putting at least two horses together in a bet at horse racing sites, and paying for all possible combinations. Playing exacta boxes requires a little researching of the probable payout board to make sure your risk to reward ratio is worth the wager.

Payouts On Exacta Horse Racing Bets

As exacta betting pools tend to take in a lot of money, the logical conclusion may be that payouts are high. This is not necessarily true. An exacta payout will directly reflect the relative odds of the horses competing in the race.

If the two favorites finish first and second, in the order they were bet by the public, an exacta payout can be quite paltry. Conversely, one longshot within the top two finishers betting online can produce quite a nice profit. In all exacta wagering, the importance of following the probable payout board cannot be overstated.

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