Pick 3′s in Horse Racing

What is a Pick 3 Bet on Horse Races? It is one in which the bettor attempts to select the winner of three consecutive races. Pick 3 wagering is a relatively new innovation and not all tracks offer it. The tracks and sites that do include pick 3 wagers generally only offer one – or two at the most – per day.

It is generally not as popular as more traditional exotic bets, such as daily doubles and exactas, but they can still generate a decent amount of money in their pool.

How Does Pick 3 Betting Work

A bettor can elect to place his or her entire allotted stake for a pick 3 horse racing bet straight; which means to simply pick three winners in a row. For a better chance of winning, wheel bets are popular in pick 3 wagers. A wheel means selecting more than one horse in one, two or all three of the involved races.

It is generally considered best to find at least one of the horse races in which you can settle on a single horse. Otherwise, the price of the exotic bet could elevate to uncomfortable levels in a hurry.

Understanding the Payouts

Hitting a pick 3 horse wager can result in a huge payout, or one that is rather pedestrian. It all depends on how heavily bet is each of the winning horses. If three favorites win the races, a pick 3 ticket can cash for a rather pitiful sum. Conversely, if three longshots come in, it is possible that a winning ticket could walk away with the entire pool wagered on the pick 3.

Probable payouts on pick 3 horse racing bets are not generally well-chronicled leading up to the first of the races, so to get an idea of what the payout might be, it is necessary to try and figure out how heavily bet each of your selected horses will be in his or her individual race.

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