Quinella Horse Racing Wagers

What is a Quinella Bet on Horse Races? A quinella wager on horse racing is you can pick the first two horses across the finish line, in either order. In other words, if you place a quinella bet on numbers 2 and 5, you cash in if 5 runs first and 2 runs second or vice versa.

The vast majority of horse tracks offer them, and it is usually an option for every race on the card. Predicted quinella payouts for every combination are generally made available throughout the time prior to a given race, shortly after the finish of the preceding race.

How Quinella Bets Work

Aside from standard quinella bets of picking of two horses from the field, quinella wheels and boxes are also available. A quinella wheel consists of keying one particular horse with several others. To win, your key horse must finish first or second, with any of the wheel horses finishing in the other position.

A quinella box involves picking several horses and paying for them to be covered in any combination of first and second between them all. Both of these bets cost more, but increase your odds of hitting the race. For instance, a $2 bet on a 4-horse quinella box at a horse racing betting site would cost $12 to cover all the possibilities.


One of the most commonly asked questions regarding quinella horse racing bets is do they pay more than boxing an exacta bet? The answer to that will change from race to race.

Generally, the two tend to run close, but it is always a very good idea to pay close attention to the probable payout board before deciding on which of these two ways to incorporate two horses in a bet is best. Sometimes, you can get a real bargain of one over the other.

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