Superfectas in Horse Racing

“Superfectas” – Winning a superfecta wager at your favorite racebook requires picking the top four finishers of any particular race. In a straight superfecta bet, the horses must be selected in their exact order of finish within the top four. The odds of hitting a superfecta horse racing bet are, of course, quite long, but the payouts can be huge.

In large horse betting pools, perhaps on racing days that are featuring high profile events, it is not uncommon for superfecta payouts to reach six figures. Superfectas are a relatively new type of bet, but most racebooks are now offering them.

Note: it is extremely important you verify max payouts at horse racing betting sites, as some won’t pay out full superfecta wins even if they offer the bet due to “max payout” rules.

How Superfectas Work

The odds of hitting a superfecta can be increased by playing wheels or boxes. A wheel is the process of designating a certain horse or horses for between one and three of the top spots in the race, and then using several other horses to fill out remaining slots.

A box bet entails playing four or more horses together in every possible combination. Either of these methods can quickly get pricey, but the potential payout is nice. Generally, wheels are preferable to boxes for the best risk/reward ratio in horse racing betting.

Payouts When You Win

As mentioned, payouts on horse racing superfectas can be huge. In high profile races, such as the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders’ Cup series, superfectas are a popular wager type, so the superfecta pool can grow quite large, which can result in mammoth payouts. An individual superfecta’s ratio of payout to the total pool is determined by how many bettors had the winning combination.

In other words, if longshots sprinkle in the top four, fewer winning wagers will have been placed, resulting in some truly large payouts for a possibly very minimal investment.

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