Mobile Betting Sites Listed and Explained

“Mobile Betting” – wagering at Mobile betting sites are becoming ever more popular as the world grows increasingly connected through the use of mobile phones. Several of the largest sports betting sites and online casinos have already made the transition to mobile-friendly betting online. As time passes, we can expect to see even more mobile sites spring up.

Any betting site that has an internet presence can potentially be used for mobile wagering. However, we have found a few mobile betting sites that clearly stand out above all the rest when it comes to mobile bet options. These sites haven taken the extra time and expense to design applications specifically for mobile bettors.

We picked these mobile online betting sites for two reasons. First of all, we know and are familiar with these sites. We only recommend online betting sites that have a verifiable and proven track record for safety and security. These websites have been online for a very long time and meet that first criteria.

At the same time, we also evaluate which mobile wagering sites have the best mobile platform. These sites are not just compatible with phones, but they have actually gone to great lengths to cater to mobile users with applications, promotions and customer support.

If you decide to join any of these you will be in good hands and have access on your phone for real money, real time, live betting online. Once you have an account set up, you can access it from your computer or phone to check out the current betting options, place bets and manage your account details.

Best Online Betting Sites For Mobile Phones

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Mobile Sports

Mobile sports betting online is currently the most popular type of mobile betting because it is the easiest to display on a phone. Most gambling sites offer some form of mobile sports betting, but a few actually have special apps designed for certain phones. Currently, the most popular betting applications are compatible with the following types of phones:

Mobile betting are not limited to these phones, though. Any phone with internet access can potentially be used to place real money bets. It’s just that the mobile phones listed here are the ones that betting websites tend to focus most of their attention on.

Mobile Casino

Mobile casino games betting is also catching on among the mobile phone crowd. A few sites also offer casino gambling. These give players access to a complete real money casino right on your phone. This trend is still relatively new, but it has been met with success so far.

Players at mobile casino sites can play at games such as blackjack, roulette and slot machines without actually sitting at a computer. These websites are designed to work with the most popular brands of cell phones.

Mobile Poker

Real money mobile poker games have been available for quite a long time now, but the vast majority of them have taken the form of single-player play money games. These mobile poker games are fun and all, but they don’t offer their players the thrill of real money. Several sites have expressed interest in the idea, so we are finally starting to see some real money mobile poker games.

Mobile online poker sites for real money has been slow to catch on because of two major issues. First, mobile internet connections are not as reliable as normal computer connections. Secondly, the window size on mobile phones can make it difficult to play for extended periods. Both issues are currently being worked on, though, so we don’t think it will be much longer before mobile poker catches on in a big way.

The Future Of Mobile Online Betting Applications

Mobile betting is only going to continue to grow in popularity. We have already seen great strides in areas such as iPhone’s, iPad’s, android’s and blackberry’s. In the near future of mobile betting, every phone on the market will be able to place real money bets.

We also expect to see increasingly sophisticated mobile betting platforms and apps. Most sites today offer a fairly basic service. But with continued advances in technology, mobile betting will become a richer and fuller experience.

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