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“Nascar” – Since 1948, Nascar racing has gradually become one of the most popular sports in North America – it has an estimated 65 million television viewers and hundreds of thousands of fans regularly attending the various Nascar races held nationwide. Nascar’s massive popularity has also translated into success for online bookmakers.

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With coverage on all of the primary Nascar racing events, bookmakers let you make wagers on drivers and manufacturers at top rated auto racing sportsbooks on the internet.

Types of Nascar Wagers

Win bet: A win bet is a simple bet on a specific driver to win the race event.

Top 3: Nascar bookmakers provide two types of top 3 bets. You can place a bet on a driver to finish within the top three. The higher the driver’s position, the more you earn from your bet. A separate top 3 bet is available where you place a bet on which drivers will finish first, second and third. Depending on the website’s rules, this top 3 bet will only pay if the selection is exactly correct or will pay out partially if your selection has one or two out of the three positions correct.

Nascar driver matchup wagering: Head-to-head driver matchups are used to generate interest between two similarly skilled drivers. Since the Nascar field usually contains a range of popular drivers who can win during any given event, head to head matchups allow bettors to focus only on backing a driver to finish higher than the opposing driver.

Head-to-head matchups are displayed in the money line format. An example of a head to head matchup at real money auto racing betting sites would be Kyle Busch at -140 against Jimmie Johnson at +120. A wager on Kyle Bush to finish higher than Jimmie Johnson requires you to wager $140 to win $100. If you think Jimmie Johnson will finish higher than Kyle Busch, you only have to wager $100 to win $120.

Manufacture Bets: The rivalry between the primary Nascar automobile manufacturers Ford, Dodge, Chevy and Toyota is as fierce as the popular driver rivalries. You can make wagers on which manufacture will win the race and the championship. Manufacture perfecta and trifecta bets require you to correctly pick the top two or three placed manufacturers for a race.

Seasonal Bets: Aside from bets on specific racing events, sportsbooks generate a host of different prop bets based on the upcoming Nascar season. Wagers can be made on which driver and manufacture will win the championship as well as bets on who will qualify for the Nascar playoffs.

Nascar Futures: predicting winning drivers in advance for longshot odds and big payouts.

Nascar Props: For entertainment bets on Nascar players can wager on things like fastest pit stop, or any other wager that betting sites are willing to lay odds on.

Useful Tips to Consider

Sportsbooks provide you with an easy to understand layout of the available bets, allowing you to make wagering decisions that do not require in-depth knowledge of Nascar. However, successful betting is all about vital statistical data and seasonal form based on drivers, racing teams and specific racetracks.

Each Nascar season contains over 30 separate races. The massive number of racing events lets bettors keep track of season long performances for each driver and allows experienced bettors to track down the strengths and weaknesses of drivers and racing teams based on the type of track being raced on.

Researching and keeping track of drivers’ recent form and vital statistics will help you make more educated decisions when placing wagers on a Nascar racing sites. Most comprehensive Nascar racing betting websites also contain up-to-date articles and tracking systems that notify you of recent developments during practice or qualifying so you can make the most appropriate wager.

For more current information check out the offical Nascar website.

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