Money Lines in the NBA

The goal in money line betting is to pick which team will win a specific matchup. They are offered by all sportsbooks in order to let you pick a game and make a prediction on who will win that game. If you are correct in your prediction, you will receive a payout as specified by the moneyline odds.

The payouts vary from one team to the next because certain teams are considered more likely to win than others. Money lines are used so that both teams are worth betting on no matter how lopsided the matchup may be.

What a Money Line Looks Like

The following is an example of what a money line looks like. In this bet, the Atlanta Hawks are playing against the Detroit Pistons and you can choose either team to win. Here’s how the bet is set up at the betting site:

  • Atlanta Hawks -190
  • Detroit Pistons +165

The Atlanta Hawks are regarded as a much stronger team than the Detroit Pistons. Therefore, the bookmaker has awarded them odds of -190. This means that you will have to risk more money for a limited win if you want to bet on them. A $100 wager on the Hawks would return $52.63 if it was successful.

The Detroit Pistons are seen as a much weaker team, so the NBA betting site has given them odds of +165 to make them worth betting on. If you wager $100 on the Pistons and they end up winning, you will be paid $165 in winnings.

Sportsbooks use moneylines like this in an attempt to get an equal amount of bets on both teams. This keeps them in business because they can use the losing bets to pay the winners. Without money lines, nobody would have any incentive to bet on the underdog in any given NBA game.

A Liitle More For You to Know

Moneylines in NBA games work in the same way as they do for other sports. The site analyzes each NBA game and then assigns odds based on the expected action. If one team starts getting too many bets, the bookmaker will change the odds in order to attract more bets on the other team and even things up again.

One nice thing is that they can be placed at almost every betting site on the planet. If you have a game you want to bet on, you will have plenty of options to do so. You can also shop around for the best odds since the odds may be different at each site.

If you want to place NBA moneyline bets, we recommend a couple of the large US-based sportsbooks. These websites have been online for a very long time and they are trusted by millions of sports bettors. When you bet on NBA games at these sites, you know that you will be paid quickly.

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